How to Fix a Broken Juicer



Introduction: How to Fix a Broken Juicer

I had a Jack Lelanne power juicer express that was no longer turning on. Here I will figure out what is causing the problem and fix it.

Step 1: Diagnose the Problem

First I need to figure out what the problem is. This is fairly easy to do if you have general knowledge of appliances and how they're built. The problem with this one is that the little plastic piece that pushes a safety switch broke off of the pulp catcher. In the picture you can see the broken part laying to the left on the container.

Step 2: Open the Juicer

I took all of the screws off the bottom of the juicer and removed the bottom.

Step 3: Locate and Remove the Safety Switch

I just went ahead and removed the safety switch as super glue didn't seem like it would work on the plastic piece. Not long term anyways.

Step 4: Strip the Wires and Reconnect

Finally I strip the wires that were originally plugged into the switch and twist them together. And tape them with electrical tape of course.

Step 5: Reattach Bottom

I put all the screws back in and it works like new. If I were to buy a replacement pulp catcher it would have cost me 20 bucks plus s&h. (WARNING: All information in this article is strictly for educational purposes. I am not responsible for any harm you may do to yourself or your juicer)

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