Introduction: How to Fix LG Rumor 2 (Virgin Mobile) Random Restart

A large majority of lg rumor 2 (virgin mobile) owners have seen this problem - your phone restarts when you go to check or send a message. Sadly there is only one fix to this problem and it is only temporary and will have to be redone when the problem recurs, which could be anywhere from months to a few days. This "fix" is a Master Reset . :/

A master reset is where your phone is restored to its factory settings and it is like you pulled the phone out of the box for the first time. Whats bad about this? You will lose all data that was stored on your phone!

Step 1: Backup EVERYTHING!

Nothing is going to be saved that was on your phone so backup contacts, pictures, messages, internet bookmarks, and so on.
Pictures can be moved to a memory card or sent via text message to email.
Contacts will probably have to be written down and reentered.
Messages that want to be saved can be forwarded to email.
Internet bookmarks are probably going to have to be written down also.

Step 2: Reset

Now that everything is backed up, it's time to do the reset.

Go to <Menu > <Tools+Settings > <Settings > <More... > <Security > type in the last 4 digits of your phone number, and then click <Erase/Reset >

A message will appear that reads:
"Notice: All data from contacts, my
stuff, pictures, messaging, tools,
and settings will be lost and
preference settings will be set to
factory defaults

Press <OK> to continue "

Press <OK >

Another message will popup reading:
"Phone will be reset. Continue
Yes                                           No "

Press <Yes >

One last message will popup that reads: 
"! Phone will reset after it
   is restored to factory
The phone will stay like this for a minute and then restart. And that's it!