Introduction: How to Fix Ripped Car Seats

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If you're like me and have an old car; the seats probably have a few rips in them. I am planning on getting seat covers in the future but because of low funds I have to wait but I hated getting foam rubbing off on my clothes so I decided to sew up the holes for the time being. Obviously, this isn't a very pretty fix but since I am going to cover it up later anyway it didn't really matter to me.

Step 1: What You're Going to Need

A Medium to large needle- it should have a pretty good sized eye for threading the floss. And, Yes, Dental floss- you could use embroidery thread or other types of thread but I used floss because it's more durable.

Step 2: Thread Your Needle and Start

Take a fair amount of floss and thread the needle. Pick a side of the rip and tie a not around the edge. Make sure it's tight and start sewing under, over, under like sewing stitches.

Step 3:

Keep stitching like that; under, over, under so that It criss-crosses. Make sure to pull it tight after every couple of stitches.

Step 4:

If you run out of thread or if it breaks just re-thread your needle and wrap it around the last two stitches you made and tie a double knot to make sure it stays then proceed as normal.

Step 5: Finishing

When you start getting to the end of the rip it'll get to be pretty tight and hard to do the previous stitch so I just started to do an overhand stitch to finish it off. When you get to the end, rap the remaining string around the last couple of stitches made and knot it. If you have some floss left over hanging just push the end in with your needle.

Step 6: More Pictures!

I fixed both seats but the drivers side chair was much worse off than the passenger seat so the seem is pretty messy but since I'm going to get seat covers for them anyway it really doesn't matter. I also sewed up a small hole on the back of the passenger seat that came out looking really clean :) good luck with your project :)