Introduction: How to Fold a Box With Lid

Making this little cute box is a very useful way to organize clutters on your desk! Easy and simple! You can even use colored paper to make it look even cuter!

Step 1: Divide Each Side of Your Paper Into 5 Sections

Use a square paper, and divide it into 5 sections.

My paper is 20x20 cm, so I mark the edge of the paper every 4cm on each side.

Formula: (Length of square paper / 4) = Length of each section

Step 2: Fold Your Paper in Half

Fold your paper in half horizontally. (Don't fold it vertically, or else you'll get a random crease in the middle of your box)

Step 3: Fold on the Marks That You Made

Fold your paper on all of the marks that you made to make a 5x5 square grid.

Step 4: Fold in the Middle of the Second Column on Both Sides

Turn your paper so that the horizontal crease is vertical to you (refer to the picture), then fold in the middle of the second column.

Step 5: Fold in the Middle of the First Column on Both Sides

Open the flap that you just folded, then fold the edge of the paper to the crease of the first column. Do this on both sides.

Step 6: Make Three Crosses on the Top Column

Fold three boxes on the top in any method you can think of, the last 3 pictures are only one of a million ways to fold the crosses.

Step 7: Make a Cross in the Bottom

Fold a cross in the third/middle box of the lowest row.

Step 8: Fold Two Crosses in the Middle Row

Fold two crosses in the second and fourth box in the middle row.

Step 9: Fold Four Diagonals

Fold two diagonals on the little squares beside the big cross (refer to picture), do this on both sides.

Step 10: Fold the Last Column in Half

Fold the last column in half up to the center of the diagonal mark on both sides.

Step 11: Fold Away 1/10

Fold away 1/10 or half of the first column on both sides.

Step 12: Form the Bottom of the Box

Form the bottom of the box by folding up both sides but leaving the middle column unfolded.

Step 13: Form the Side of the Box

Fold along the crease of the middle cross you've made to make one side of the box, according to the picture. Then open the tab and fit the other tab inside it. YOU'VE MADE ONE SIDE OF THE BOX! :D

Step 14: Fold the Sides Down Diagonally

Fold down the side of the box as shown.

Step 15: Push Down the Triangle

Use the tip of your finger to push down the triangle formed all the way so it tucks behind the rectangle on the top.

Step 16: Fold the Triangles Then Tuck It Away

Fold the triangles on both sides the tuck it behind the first layer of paper then fold the box so it forms two halves.

Step 17: Fold Down the Tabs

Literally pull up the layer of paper to form a 'bow' if you know what I mean, then fold down the tabs as shown.

Step 18: Form the Side of the Box Again

Form the side of the box as before, tuck the tab in front inside the tab behind.

Step 19: And.... You're Finished

Congrats! You've finished your cute little box with a lid!!!

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