Introduction: How to Fool a Fingerprint Security System As Easy As ABC

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This instruction will show you how to Fool a fingerprint security system as easy as ABC. IBM never want you to know about,. it works for most of the fingerprint security system too. For example: eg. door, mobile phone....

This instruction come with video:

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Step 1: Use These 3 Points

The scanner used in this hack stores only there special points of the user's fingerprint

Step 2: Tools

Here are what you will need: Digital camera, wood-glue, super-glue, skin friendly-glue and a bottle cap,

Step 3: Find a Real Fingerprint

Now we need the real fingerprint we found it on a bottle, put a few drop super-glue into the cap

Step 4: Vapors Recation

The vapors react with the grease and make the fingerprint visible

Step 5: Make a Copy

make sure the copy match to the original size

Step 6: Print It Out

use a laser printer to print in onto a foil slide, sweep some wood-glue on it and use it as the dummy later

Step 7: Cut It Out

wait it dry and cut it out

Step 8: Take It Out

remove the dry glue carefully

Step 9: Ready to Use

Dummy, ready to use

Step 10: Test It Now

Test it

Step 11: Successed


Step 12: Security Was Compromised

Security was compromised, now logged into my windows.