How to Get Fit Fast!




Introduction: How to Get Fit Fast!

Have you been gaining a few pounds and want to be fit again? Follow these steps to know how!

Step 1: Start.

Walk every day. I usually do it with my mom in the neighborhood. If you are young tell a guardian or parent before walking. You can bring your phone, iPod, or MP3 player for music while walking/jogging. Bring headphones/earbuds so no one else hears you. Walk or jog as long as you can. :)

Step 2: Start Eating Healthy

Apples, Pears, oranges, bananas, and all fruits and all vegetables are great healthy foods to eat. All healthy foods are great to! If you are going to have junk food/sweets, cut it in half if possible. If not, only eat one, only once in a while. For example:

Step 3: Weeks Pass

After a few weeks of doing this you should be pretty flatter than your were. :) keep doing this till you are the size and weight you want!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    There's no fast way to get fit. (All of the methods that work take time and consistent effort.)

    That said, you're on the right track. Eat things that are healthful instead of things that are not. Exercise consistently in a way that is fun. Step 1 was actually pretty profound: Start.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    A recent study (and i can dig up sources on it, but they will likely be in danish so not much use to you) have shown that fruit is not helping you loose weight unless eating the fruit replaces eating something unhealthy (and the calories of the unhealthy stuff is more than the fruit). Seems the issue is often that people think "fruit is healthy" and do not consider that too much is too much regardles of it being healthy, or they eat an apple after they eat the cake...

    Just something to keep in mind before you binge-eat bananas at outrageous calorie counts.

    Good luck dropping the extra pounds.