Introduction: How to Get GBA Emulator Without Jailbreak!!!

Step 1: 1.Where to Go

Go onto on safari

Step 2: 2.Downloading Emulator

Tap on download and choose install

Step 3: 3.go Into Settings

Go into settings and go into general , date and time and change time to 18/2/2014

Step 4: 4.opening App

Go out of settings and onto the home screen and open the app GBA4IOS

Step 5: 5.downloading a Rom

When in app there will be a plus symbol in the top right corner tap on that

Step 6: 6. Roms

It will open choose a game for the emulator

Step 7: 7. Downloading

Scroll Down To The Option Download Now and tap on it and choose the option download

Step 8: 8.ENJOY

It will now download whatever game you choose enjoy this emulator