Introduction: How to Get Good Grades

This instructable will help you bring up your grades with just 7 easy steps.

Step 1: Step 1: Organization

The first step to getting good grades is to be organized. If you are not organized you will not get the grades you are aiming for.

1.Make sure you have everything you need for school
    Eg. homework, binders, pencils, pens, etc

3.Know where you put your items so when needed you can take it out quick. This will give you extra time in between or in class to do something more, eg. Do work or get to class with no worry's of being late.

4.try using an agenda ( some schools supply you with these)

Step 2: Step 2: Time

Time is essential to getting those grades.

Especially in high school you will need to use your time wisely.

1. Have your Items ready for you so when  you need to go to another class just pick them up and go.

2. if you have a locker and your not really good with your combination put in the first 2 combos so when you go back you can just put in the last combo and go to class quicker.

3. when you are paying attention you will have a easier time when they give you work. when you know how to do the work you become faster at doing it while getting the write answers.

4. make a root to your classes so your faster and you are not late. 

Step 3: Step 3: Your Brain

if you have a good break fast then your mind and body will function better.

Also drink plenty of water. By drinking water you become energized and well nourished which will help you function better.

Step 4: Step 4: You Have to Believe

you will never get the grades if you are saying I am stupid or i can never do this. a positive mind will ensure that the grades you want will be the grades you will get.

Step 5: Step 5: Notes

notes will help you when you have to study for a test or exam .

take note of anything that is important

Again if you are an active listener take notes because many times when your teacher talks they put what they say on a test.

when you take notes it keeps you awake because your active

Step 6: Step 6: Test, Quizes and Exams

when you have a test you would most likely would freeze up and forget everything. 

try not to think about how big the test is. do your best and dont worry you did your best.

Step 7: Step 7: Utilize All Your Assets

if you still need help with your work then you can ask for help. don't be afraid everyoone wants you to do good.

People who can help

class mates
study hall

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