Introduction: How to Get Internet on the PSP When the Access Point Is Locked!!!

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Have you ever had the problem that you have a psp at work and you want to play with someone over the internet (as the games call it infrastructure), but the access point is locked? Well I have a solution. it is fairly simple. (I will update with pics later )

Step 1: Get the Loot

all you need is an angry person on their lunch break, a computer connected to the access point (company computer), and a psp.

Step 2: Go on the Computer

Now, go on the computer and find the network link in the control panel.

Step 3: IP

Now find the ip address for the router. First go to MANAGE NETWORK CONNECTIONS, then click on who you are connected to, next, a screen will pop up that says WIRELESS NETWORK CONNECTION STATUS. click on details. there you will find the ip address. ipv4 dns server is the address that you want. if it doesn't work, then try other numbers like that (ex:

Step 4: Your Website

Now put that ip address into the address bar of your browser on the same computer. say your ip address is then, you will be directed to a website about the network connection. Find the security link on the site. You might need a password, if you do, leave it blank, most people do. if it doesn't work, then ask someone, or guess it.

Step 5: Hacking

Now comes the mischievous part, all you have to do is switch the security settings to none, or something you know, or want.

Step 6: PSP Part

now all you have to do is set up the network connection on the psp, and you are good. (if you dont know how to do that, consult the manual to the psp).

Step 7: Go Have Fun

do I really have to say anything, nor need this step?