Introduction: How to Get Rid of Adware on Mac

Congratulations you are the lucky visitor today that gets to learn about getting rid of adware on your Mac, and if this sounds familiar, you know exactly how annoying adware can be and the possible damages it can do to your computer.

Step 1: Finding the Probem

If you've made it here to this tutorial then you have probably already found the problem but just in-case you want to be sure you have it, these are some sure signs that will tell you that you have adware.

Step 2: Where to Get Rid of the Problem- Firefox

First close out of Fire fox when you recognize that you have adware installed on your computer. Then reopen Firefox so that the home screen is shown like shown in the picture. Once you are at the home Firefox page then you must click on the Add-ons followed by clicking on the extensions. Once in the extensions part of the menu you will find the source of your problems. To get rid of the adware just click the removed button and the adware will be removed. To make sure that the adware is gone just close Firefox and reopen and type anything in.

Step 3: Where to Get Rid of the Problems- Safari

First open Safari so that it is open to the home screen (It does not matter what browser is you main browser). Next click the Safari button right next to the  logo. Once you have clicked the Safari button click the preferences button. Once in your preferences you will find the extensions and in the extensions you will find the adware (I don't have any adware at the moment but if there was to be adware it would be here and to get rid of it just click remove).

Step 4: Enjoy!

Enjoy your adware free Mac computer and have a great day!