How to Get Started on Youtube

Introduction: How to Get Started on Youtube

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If you are setting up a home studio here is a list of things that might help. To get started, you will need to have a mini studio set up, with a backdrop, lighting, sound and editing. Most people like to just sit at a desk with clutter and whatnot behind them, but to make you stand out, go with a more professional or inviting background, depending on your audience.

If you are worried about the expenses of starting a youtube page, it's not that bad.

The light set and backdrop are about 100$

Most editing can be done in Windows MovieEditor

Most of the work is done in the preparation of the video, but best are done in the one take edit. Try to make sure that you are in the same place, to keep cohesion.

The camera can be anything from a phone to a professional grade camera.

Remember to have confidence!

Lighting Kit

Polaroid Tripod

Technica Microphone

out Russ's website

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Step 1:

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