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I was really happy when i got this flares because i tried many times and finally i sorted out how to get that flare.This is the best pic i have got...

This is a simple technique anybody could do this.

You mainly require a Camera Having good sensors .

I used Camera:SONY DSC-WX300

Focal Length:13.91 mm

Shutter Speed:1/160 sec


After that you are ready to go .

So the first thing you have to do is find a good subject which is exposed to sunlight not only that,ensure that your subject is best for sun flares to make your pic beautiful.Then keep your camera near the subject very close. And also one important thing, that make your pic beautiful is the angle you chose.You could try different angles and finally u could decide which will be the best.You should now focus the subject and then tilt the camera little bit up towards the sun.Never tilt the camera completely towards the sun.You should tilt the camera in a such a way that it covers a bit of sun.if you look at my pics you will get an idea.The important thing is mainly focus the subject in the angle you desire first and not the sunlight.Then tilt towards sun a little bit so that rays fall on your camera and click !!!!!.And while doing this You need patience . sometimes sunlight will fall on your face and it will prevent you from seeing the screen of camera don't worry about that just tilt and click!!!! For good pics with sunflares i would recommend you to take during morning because the sun wont be that much bright and you can get a yellow tint!! Use this technique if u r going for microphtography!!

Please Give me feedback...

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    5 years ago

    Thanks for this Tutorial! But I am wondering which kind of Lens you used for these Pictures. I really want to take such pictures with lots of F/Stop and I know a little Trick for it, but you still get much better results, how? :D

    Manoj Eswaran
    Manoj Eswaran

    Reply 5 years ago

    Actually i don't have much photographic skills. All i had was a perfect idea and imagination of how i would take my photo and what would be my results....I have updated my instructable above with details of camera and all about exposure and shutter speed..Use a camera with good "SENSOR" that might work out..