Introduction: How to Get Up Early.

Getting up early always seems to be an impossible task for most of us, other can get up as early as the want to without any ill effects, I on the other hand needed to find tricks to get up.

Step 1: Getting to Sleep.

First of all, don't spend your whole night on the computer, you can make sure you don't by setting your alarm for when you want to go to sleep by... also if you feel you just can't get to sleep, drink a glass of warm milk, and I know that sounds stupid but it really helps!

Step 2: Alarms.

I find that the best thing to do is have my alarm clock right beside my bed with an alarm for when I want to go to sleep by, and then my phone across the room on my dresser with a terribly annoying alarm on it for when I want to get up, this forces me to immediately get out of bed.

Step 3: Waking Up.

When you wake up go take a quick shower, I usually brush my teeth in the shower to save time, when you get out go get dressed and if you still feel tired STOP Do not reach for that coffee !! go get an apple, science has proven that apples wake you up better then a cup of coffee.

Step 4: Staying Awake.

Throughout the day when you start to feel tired, make sure you do not drink any energy drinks or to much coffee, a cup or two is fine but don't go and drink to much and feel tired after words,,,

I find that doing this I can get up very early and still feel fine, but if you have some other tips then tell me and I'll add them here... also this is my first intractable so don't murder me!