How to Give Your Dog an Awesome Bath Cheap!!!




Introduction: How to Give Your Dog an Awesome Bath Cheap!!!

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Hi everyone! If you want to pamper your pet, increase your relationship with them, make them and yourself happy, or just plain make them smell better, then you've come to the right place. In this instructable i will show you how to give your dog a soothing bath for under a dollar. (cost was actually less than a dollar for both dogs for me) My two dogs are Minnie, a water loving ,crazy, young black lab, and Rex, a squirrel hunting, water avoiding rat terrier. This bath was so relaxing that even Rex stayed still and wasn't paying attention to squirrels!!! This is one of the EASIEST and CHEAPEST ways to give your dogs the luxury you want them to have.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Ok so heres where everything gets a little different from other guides, so many people say: you need a towel or sponge or something. While using a towel for drying is a good idea (since you can't soak up water with a hose or your hands), it is not the best way for massaging and deep cleaning. This is not Nintendo Dogs! Do not try to wash a dog based off a game. 

Supplies Needed:

1. Shampoo
It is important to get dog shampoo, not human shampoo. Dog shampoo has lower pH levels than human shampoo and is more suited for your dog or puppy. Human shampoo, other than baby shampoo, can also burn your eyes and your dogs. I recommend a shampoo made with 100% natural oatmeal as it soothes the skin (oatmeal can help remove your sunburn too) and pampers your pouch. Dog shampoo also produces less bubbles and can be rinsed off quicker.

2. Hose With Nozzle Set on Shower or Mist 
Not much to say here, if the water is to cold or hot for you then its to cold or hot for your dog. If this is the case the attach the hose to a faucet where you can control the temperature. It was summer in Louisiana for me so the cold water was refreshing. Make sure that the prussure is enough to do something but not to hard! If your dog runs away from a good temp then it it probably to powerful or scares it, try pouring water on your dog with your hand or a pitcher.

3. Plastic Pool or Similar Tub 
These can run you 6-10 dollars for one like mine. DO NOT put your dog in anything where it has to swim or the water it up past its stomach, you could drown the poor thing and this makes it harder to wash your dogs legs anyway. 

4. Towels for Drying
Simple and easy, i reccomend using older towels or buying a set just for washing your dog. DO NOT USE A HAIRDRYER!!! This can overheat your dog and can possiblyhurt your dogs skin because of the heat before the coat is dry. Only use a special doggy blower, but i don't use one. Besides, this scares some dogs and does not give the luxury or rubbing. (which can mean all the difference to a dog)

5. A Treat For Your Clean Dog
You can use store bought treats, or you can make a peanut butter sandwhich with extra peanut butter (peanut butter is like catnip for dogs, Minnie licked every little bit off the gate where it had touched when i gave it to her).

If your dog tries to get away from you, or isn't very calm, i recommend a leash. I had a leash but barely even used it.

Step 2: Beginning of the Bath

First, make sure you have all your supplies. Then make sure the water is a good temp and begin to rinse your dog. Gently rub and scratch the dog while doing this. Make sure the dog's whole body is wet. Then add some shampoo.

Step 3: Middle of Bath and Final Rinse

This is the part where you might have to get a little dirty (or wet!) to give your dog a better time. You might end up laughing in the end. The key here is to scrub throughly in a massaging motion. Move in circular motions across the shoulders and back. Do not do the head yet! Rub firmly, but not too hard. Slightly use your nails to get deeper. Do this until your dog is covered in lather or for a few minutes. Watch how your dog reacts. Imagine a nice massage in perfect temp water. =] Thats basically what your doing. After the body is covered, get a small amount of shampoo and start working around the head. Don't get to close to the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Also watch for to much soap piling up above these areas as it may slide down. After the luxurious massage, rinse your dog, massaging all over to get all the soap out.

Step 4: Drying

Now get your dog out, and try to not let them lay down. Minnie did all of a sudden and rolled over and became LEAF-PUPPY!!! DEFENDER OF DIRT. So back in the water she went. LOL
If you are next to mud, try to get away, then dry your dog with towels. Try to do a thorough job and get deep.  Walla! A cute, clean, berry smelling, shiny dog that wants....a treat of course.

Step 5: Puppy's Treat

For a treat you can use any type of store bought treat, or you can make your own. A peanut butter sandwhich will drive dogs crazy. (peanut butter = dognip) Also try a homemade peanut butter cookie. A good idea i have is to take peanut butter cookie dough, make kibble size chunks and bake them to make a dog treat useful for training and pampering. Ive always wondered what Minnie, who loves to eat, like her mom, would do with a slim jim or one of those huge sausages 3-4 inches across and weigh over a pound lol.(Minnie's mom ate so much puppy chow the first time she ate it tht my dad to take her to the vet lol) 

Step 6: Your Done!

Please Suscribe For More Dog Training Tips and Hints, as well as links to dog training guides and my blog, all coming soon!!! 


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    4 years ago

    Well done Mr. Rex! Your dogs certainly seemed to enjoy that bath. There is something that I would like to make you aware of however and that is: Please don't feed any dog refined carbohydrates such as bread products. Dogs will willingly eat pretty much anything, but human so-called "food", while bad enough for humans can be devastating to dogs. Particularly in a dog that is older, they can suffer a stroke from eating refined carbs.


    7 years ago

    Whenever I change the water out of my Hot Tub, I will put the kiddie pool next to it and use the WARM water to bathe The Pittie-Full Crew of 8!!! They are 5 year old Litter-mates that caused me to become a Foster Parent Failure!!! After their baths, they LOVE for me to get a WARM Towel out of the dryer! Once finished, they are so HAPPY that they get the ZOOMIES, where they run full speed with acrobatic flips, to show me how AWESOME they feel!!!


    9 years ago on Step 6

    Very Cool (literally!) Thanks!!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you!!!!! My beagle Joey has never liked baths and always went INSANE after them. He needs almost every other day baths, because he is practically a dustbunny on 4 paws with a wagging tail and adorable face.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    My dogs-Fred, Kernal(thought was boy- Colnel was a girl! Changed to Kernal), Houdini(would always get out) and Jenifer- love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We sneak their medicine into peanut butter on peices of bread and they never suspect a thing!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    my dogs a terrier she hates being bathed she just stands there
    but when its drying time
    she is soooooooooo happy


    11 years ago on Step 6

    Please may I just suggest that you check there is not too much sugar in the peanut butter. I know from looking at labels that some of them have lots of sugar which is not good for dogs. Unless you are only giving it once every few months. If you can get proper peanut butter by Good Earth, it does not have anything in it but Peanuts and maybe a little oil BUT It is scrummy for humans so you may want it all for yourself. :-)
    My dog Deepha, used to hate being bathed, and we did it indoors in our bathroom with lovely warm not hot or cold water, but when eventually she knew it was bath time would jump into the tub so I did not have to lift her in. Even though she did not really like it. I miss her so much she was my best friend for ever and will always be with me in my heart..
    good luck with your instructables.