Introduction: How to "Hack" Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest is my favourite game on the internet, and in this guide I will show you how to gain the edge.

In order to do this, you will need:
Cheat Engine 5.5
Flash Player 7

Step 1: Log On

Log on to AQ and then go to Battle Monsters, as this is the easiest place to get all the cheats started.  After you've done this start up cheat engine.  Go to process at the top, and choose firefox or internet explorer.  Now, on the right there are a few drop-down boxes, select the bottom one and change it to "Double" and select truncated.

Step 2: Unlimited HP or MP

Unlimited HP is my favourite hack because it's really the only hack you need to beat every monster in the game.
To activate it go to cheat engine and enter in your HP and hit "First Scan".  A massive list of values should show up.  Ignore them for now.  Now lose some health then go back to cheat engine and enter in your new health, then hit "Next Scan", and now there should be only one address (if not, lose some more health and search again).  Double click on the address, and it should appear at the bottom.  Now, double click the bottom, and change the number to "1E20".  If you want unlimited MP, just repeat the same steps, just with your MP.

*UPDATE: I recently fought something from the dracolich quests (a dracovamp I think) that drains a certain percentage of your health each turn, and so if your health is set to 1e20, then it will fuly heal every turn.  When facing something like this rather set your health to a certain number (e.g. 500) so that it does not fully regenerate.

Step 3: Big Damage

Many sites say that you can get a one-hit KO, but i've never been able to do this, I've just been able to beef up the damage i do immensely.
Anyway, start up cheat engine, and find the minimum damage of the weapon you have equipped.  Put it into the engine and hit New Scan, then change your weapon, then enter in your new weapons minimum damage, and there should be only one value.  Change it to "1E20" and go kill something.
(If anyone figures out why i'm not getting the 1-hit KO PM me).

Step 4: The End

So now that you know how to hack AQ, get out there pwn everything in sight!
(if there are any more hacks that you know of, post it)
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