Introduction: How to Handle Bullies

Step 1:

Okay now being a victim of bullies and a bully(yes I know I've been a bad boy) I have decided to make a atemp at making things right. Now I will explain the "physical softies" and the "verbal softies" than the "physical hardcore ones" than the "verbal hardcore ones" okay let's get started

Step 2: Physical Softies

These guys are the easiest to deal with cause they usually only like hmmm. E.G push you around throw stuff at you and occasionally punch/slap you but will retreat at the first sign of danger ( teachers are dangerous right?) and are real cowards I mean real bloody in your face I smell fear cowards. These guys just take your lunch money. Try and get the teachers to arrange a meeting between you and the bullies parents but bring your parents along so thy can talk to the bullies parents also to see if the parents know why the bullies like this. But if that doesn't work than use your most powerful weapons. YOUR LEGS!! No not for Kung fu kicks but running fast and living to fight another day. Don't worry if you don like retreating it's just like Advancing but in reverse

Step 3: Verbal Softies

Okay these while aren't the worst they can still cause permanent damage. If you want to know what I mean grab a price of paper an scrunch it up. Now unscrunch and try to make exactly like before. You can't can you? Only with lots and lots and lots of effort can you even begin to fix it. That's what some kids go though. To fix is white simple actually. Say they call you fat short or ugly. They are simply stating their option on you. It's just a label!! As long as you are happy that's what matters. Have you got friends? No? Make some these is the most important message I can send. They (If they're true friends they will always stick by you no matter what) will help you shield you and be there.heres a tip on making friends. Walk up to them strike up a conversation with them ask them if they like this sport or book or game or whatever. You get it. These bullies can usually be dealt with the same way as Pyhiscal bullies. Or if they call you names and you get take here's some things to say. Not getting tired I this? Nothing better to do? You again? Dang it Guys say I'm gunna run into people like you for the Rest of my life great

Step 4: The in Between Bit

Okay now it's gonna get pretty nasty. No bad words just how to handle things. Trust me (or not it doesn't matter either way) the way to handle these bully's is pretty um.........let's call it very very bad. I'll show how to fight back with physiological warfare and fist to fist fighting. But be warned there is no rules or chivalry.

Step 5:

Umm I take apsolutly so why do you call it?'s no my fault if you are in hospital because you told a 10 foot fire breathing bully his momma so fat etc etc so do not be an idoit

Step 6: The Hardcore Physical Bullies

These guys can be real m@th€rf@}>^*s right? They don't just stop at stealing your lunchbox and lunch money. Parents say these bully's are cowards and will back down at the thought I a fight. What a load o colladaswhap. Most of the time he's go a real itching to pop you a good one. If you told the teachers and nothings happens it's time to take things into your own hands. Here's a list of websites you can use to learn self defense google Bing Youtube Also type in on YouTube how to fight in five minutes and if got a picture of simulated guys. Look at it as it explains in depth how to use self defense. But if they are bigger than you (they usually are) try to avoid a a fight. Instead use the most powerful technique known to man. RUN REALLY FAR AND FAST people may think your a coward but trust it works. Try to the othe people who are bullied to join you in a revolt a get together. Even the most hardcore bullies will not attack large group for fear of th consequences. But if they do try to fight you hers a thought. Assume a fighting pose and smile just smile at them. Act relaxed like your ready for anything. Have a casual confidence like he doesn't have a chance. And yell at himself "are you ready for the most serious buttwhooping ever"? Or "hey teacher you might wanna get ready to call the ambulance"! Just try to intimate them first. Try to do the wolf stare. I will make an instructable about that soon.

Step 7: The Verbally Hardcore

In my opinion these guys are personally the worst kind of bully. Remember my experiment where you crumple up a piece of paper? Well go back and do it again. This time grab a knife ( don't cut yourself ) and score some marks on the paper. Now crumple it up and unscrunch it. Unlike before even with lots of effort you cannot fix it. Thus it is thrown out m. E.g they will commit suicide. It is not nice when these people pick on you. They don't even have to be bigger than you. E.g your 6 foot their 2 foot. Doesn't make a difference. Here's a way to intimate them. Just smile evilly But here's some websites for comebacks. Those are some good ones. But I have amassed my own collection. Here they are. BEST INSULTS EVER!! 8. You are the product of 4 billion years of evolution, now fucking act like it. 11. Arguing with you is like playing chess against a pigeon; no matter how good I am at chess, the pigeon will knock over the pieces, shit all over the board, and then stomp around victoriously without a fucking clue. (This one is guaranteed to give you the upper hand in a debate) [#1] Here it goes, ah, lets start with the obvious. Excuse me is that your nose, or did a bus park on your face? [#2] Actually when you were born, the doctor slapped your mother. [#3] If I had a dog with a face like yours, I would shave its ass, and teach them to walk backwards. (What did you say?) 13.God made coke, God made pepsi, God made me, oh so sexy, God made rivers, God made lakes, God made you,... well we all make mistakes. Your words are meaningless.. Oh get a life. Why does this make you happy? You are wasting your breath. You’re right. I said you’re right OK? Again? Not getting tired of this? Nothing better to do? I heard you and I don’t care. Are you satisfied? Everyone says I’m going to run into people like you for the rest of my life – great. Here we go again. You again? Annoying. You are a waste of my time. Hurry up and finish with your stupid garbage. I wish you would stop wasting my time. Feel better now? You’re a real expert at this. Congrats. It must be hard to stop what you are so good at. Are you done? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah right! It would be nice if you grew up. Real mature. You should hear yourself. I could care less about what you think. You can see I'm terribly hurt. Say whatever you want. Keep talking - I am not listening. You are the king of putdowns. Congrats. Aren’t you getting bored? Why don’t you bother someone else? Why don’t you bother someone who care? Yes, you’re better than me You’re absolutely the best at this. I’d really hate to be your parents as this. You have really changed. Just words. Who cares! Eureka! You’ve discovered I’m different than you. Eureka! You’ve discovered I look different than you. Everyone has a talent... Thank you. OK…and that’s supposed to make me feel what? What did you say? What? What? Nice reputation. It doesn’t bother you that this is what you’re known for around the whole school? That’s your best? That’s it? My little brother makes me feel worse than that. I heard that one in kindergarten. Mission accomplished: I really feel bad now so move on. Are we going to go through this every single day? Are you going to waste my time like this every day? Is it your goal in life or something to do this to me? I feel sorry for you.

Step 8: The End of the End

Well that's the end of that so yeah......... That should help and so on. But I you have any questions put them in comments.