How To: Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad Makeup

Introduction: How To: Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad Makeup

Hey guys!

Before I start it the entire video tutorial is right here so you can see every step in motion :)
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Step 1: Make Yourself Look Really Really Pale

So the new Harley isn't painted white, she's just really pale.

You can create this effect using a really pale foundation or, as i'm doing, using a white facepaint.
To make sure that the paint doesn't crack and crease i'm topping it off with a white powder.

Step 2: Fill in Your Brows As Usual

There's nothing unusual to her brows, but I would suggest filling yours in because the white facepaint can 'bleach' them a little bit, and since eyebrows are important for expressions in your face they need to be visible

Step 3: Pink Eyeshadow

So one of her eyes has a pink colour and the other one is blue.
I believe my camera mirrored it, but the pink would be on your right eye.

I'm using a bright pink eyeshadow from the jeffree star palette here. Just make sure it's really bright, almost neon

use this over your entire eyelid and fluff it out so it's nicely blended

Step 4: Pulling the Shadow Down

Harley has a kinda teardrop effect on her eyeshadow. So i'm recreating that by really simply putting eyeshadow on my index finger and dragging it down from the outer corner of the eye.

Step 5: Darkening the Eye

Using a black eyeshadow and a fluffy brush i'm making my eye appear darker.
I'm also using a black eyepencil on the waterline to make it even more dramatic

Step 6: Adding Eyeliner

Add liquid eyeliner on your upper lid, make sure it's small so it doesn't hide the eyeshadow. I'm also not adding a wing because Harley keeps her eyeliner a bit more natural.

Using a bit of black eyeshadow again and an angled brush i'm smoking this out.

Step 7: Blue Eyeshadow

Repeat the same steps on the other eye with a bright blue eyeshadow. I'm using one from Jeffree star again

Step 8: Adding the Heart

White a black velvet tip liner i'm creating the heart on my right cheek and i'm filling it in

Step 9: The Rotten Tattoo

Harley has a tattoo on her right jawline that says 'rotten'

To create more of a grungy and matte effect I made this one using the pencil liner again. Then I'm topping it off with some translucent powder to make it appear more matte and real.

Step 10: Red Lips!

Use a bright red lipstick to fill in your lips. I'm using the liquid suede from NYX cosmetics. I prefer liquid lipsticks over normal ones, cause these dry matte and stay on longer

Step 11: Painting the Shirt

If you don't have the actual shirt (like me) you could always just paint it! i'm using kryolan red bodypaint for this and a foundation brush.

Step 12: Adding the Leather Belts

Harley's sporting some leather belts or whatever they might be called.

I'm recreating this using black facepaint and making dots on them with white facepaint

Step 13: The Wig

To make yourself really look like harley you can dye your hair pink and blue or use a blonde wig. i dyed this one myself with blue and red airbrus paints. they wash out with water so that is really nice

Step 14: Whoohoo You're Done Puddin!

Thankyou for taking the time to check this instructable!

Side note: my Harley isn't looking all glam and pretty because she is simply not supposed to be, she's grungy, dirty and a bit messed up so that's what she looks like :)

For more photo's like this you can check me out on instagram: @mirandavanr

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    1 year ago

    Looks great, “What’s that? I should kill everyone and then escape? Oh sorry, it was the voices in my head talking to me”-Harley Quinn


    1 year ago on Step 12

    I believe they are called Gun Holsters


    5 years ago

    Great job! Best one I've seen yet.