Introduction: How to Have an Unlimited-app Folder

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Ever had a ton of apps in the same category, but couldn't put them all in in one folder(multi-app holder). This tutorial will show you how to make that... Without jailbreaking!! WARNING!!! Once you put an app in, you can't take it out unless you power off your device, then power it back on. This will then take out all the apps previously in the "super folder".

Step 1: Moving Apps

Move all the apps you want onto a third page, and have newsstand(which will be the super folder here) on the second page.

Step 2: SWM

Next, do the special wiggle mode to an app on the third page(see "How to easily restart and iPod touch without using the power button" for details on how to do this)

Step 3:

Step 4: Newsstand

Newsstand is going to act as your super folder. After you do the special wiggle mode, don't press the home button. First open newsstand, THEN press the home button. The app should zip right into newsstand

Step 5: Contine

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for every app you want. You will notice that you can keep putting pass in it, and there is no limit. To find your other apps that you put in, simply scroll down. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Follow and like me to get more greats iOS Tips and Tricks!