*UPDATED* How to Hex Edit Skyrim Without Horizon Xbox Modding Tool




Introduction: *UPDATED* How to Hex Edit Skyrim Without Horizon Xbox Modding Tool

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In this tutorial I will show you how to mod the Xbox game Skyrim. What's better yet is that you don't need Horizon to do so.

Step 1: Software and Stuff

The software needed is:
USBxtafgui v4.4 (for extracting the save files)
Hxd (for hex editing/modding the files)
360Revolution (for rehashing/resigning the files)
Note: the 360Revolution tool can be used in place of USBatfgui v4.4

USB stick/flash drive
An Xbox 360
A computer
A tv

Step 2: Prepping the File(s)

First you need to put some items in a urn/chest inside a draugr burial site you find during the dark brotherhood quest line. Where you meet the contact for the *spoiler* assassination of the emperor *spoiler* the urn that the money is hidden in. Format the USB to the Xbox file system. Then start following the pictures.

Step 3: On the Computer Side Pt. 1 Loading the Files

Find, Download, and extract/setup all of the necessary software for this instructable. Listed in the Software and Stuff step. Plug in the USB that was used in the Prepping the Files step. Then open USBxtafgui v4.4 or 360Revolution load the USB. Then extract the save file by right clicking, then using the extract function. USBxtafgui is much easier to use for this step.

Step 4: On the Computer Side Pt. 2 Hex Modding

Go to www.skyrimsearch.com and find the item ID of the items you left in the chest wherever the items are. Then you want to find the item ID of the item you want. (If you want more of the item in the chest then skip downward). YOU ONLY NEED THE LAST 5 DIGITS.

Say you want the sanguine rose and you put in an iron dagger, you would find the iron dagger ID (remember its only 5 digits) then exchange it with this code 1CB36. That gives you the sanguine rose. You can quickly find an ID by pressing the control key and the F3 key.

If you want say 250 sanguine rose then, you would need to find the text to hex converter from swing note. (Assuming swing note uses unsigned long data types). Type in 250 in the text box then press the enter key. You should get 323530 replace that with the numbers directly after the sanguine rose's ID and you should get 250 sanguine rose.

*New Method to swing note*
Inside hex workshop there is a tool called base converter open it (its the little gear looking thing). Then switch the first drop down menu to intel. Next the second drop down must be an unsigned long data type. Change the non hex value to 250 then you should get a new number in the hex field if it is the same as the swing note number then be free to choose which tool to use. If not however then use the base converter number as it would then be the correct number to use. Swap out the item quantity by copying the new hex number then highlight the old quantity value. Then right clicking where it goes right after the item ID and use the paste insert function to replace the numbers.

Step 5: On the Computer Side Pt. 3 Inject Rehash and Resign Saves

Go to the 360Revolution software and find the location of the first save then right click and find inject. Inject the new save file and find a save/resign/rehash button click it and wait for it to finish. Once it has completed then eject the USB and its back to the Xbox.

Step 6: Testing the New Save

Go to the Xbox plug in the USB stick and start skyrim. DO NOT TRANSFER FILE!!!! When prompted select the USB device to load files from then, load up the save file.

Step 7: Enjoy or Troubleshoot

If it works then enjoy if not then go back to editing and change some more values till it works. If you need help I might be able to help on some simple things. 'Til then have fun.

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    7 years ago

    Does this put viruses on your computer


    Reply 8 years ago

    I don't own a Mac sorry I'm more of a Linux kind of guy so sadly I haven't the slightest clue, but if you check out their website I believe I left in the guide you should be able to figure it out if not try the WINE compatibility program that should provide a temporary fix at least.


    9 years ago

    One thing I forgot to mention (since its been awhile from last time I've done this) anyone who can't get it to work try this:
    Take your hex code say its:
    And do what's called a byte flip so if looks like this:
    So you take all the numbers from the back in sets of two and move them to the front of the hex code