Introduction: How to Hide Apps IOS 6

About: If my codes don't work on mobile it's a glitch try it on pc before you say "where does this go???!"
Alright. I get it. I'm behind the times. Stop laughing.

Did you know, it's possible to make your apps icons disappear without ANY external software? No jail breaking either! It's possible, and in fact even easy to do this, you just need a little timing!

Note: This method has been tested by myself, and despite never having a problem with it, I guarantee in no way this is 100% safe, use at your risk.

Step 1: Get Ready

Be prepared to be awesome. This trick will make you epic.

10 small steps for you, 1 giant glitch for iOS 6 kind

Step 2: Group It With Another App

You'll want to do this by holding down on it, and dragging into an existing group, or into another app to make a group.

Step 3: Take the Other Apps Out!

I mean it!

Once you do this put the group on the 3rd page of your apps. This is important!

Step 4: Move Newsstand to the 2nd Page

Yes this is also extremely important!

Step 5: Timing Is Everything

Go back to the 3rd page. Press the home button, and immediately after press and hold the group. You must do this really quickly. After this it will slide all the way back to page 1, the second it stops, slide to the right (page 2).

If done correctly this will start jiggle mode.

Step 6: Open Newsstand

Don't worry, the hard part's over now. Just open newsstand :)

Step 7: Press the Home Button

Upon doing this, the group will slide inside Newsstand.

Wow, only a few more steps to go!

It's worth noting you can place tons of apps inside newsstand if you use the same trick, excluding groups!

Step 8: Open the Group


Just kidding!

Allow it to restart

Step 9: Find the App You Hid

Not there? Success :)

Step 10: OH MY GOSH HOW DO I GET MY ICON BACK???/How to Avoid Icons Coming Back

There are only 2 ways the icon will reappear:

1. You reboot your device
2. Your device does due to battery and you recharge it

So keep your device charged and never power down to prevent having to reexecute the glitch.

On the flip side, if you want them back, hold down the power button, then slide to power down. Once it shuts down hold the power button for about 2 seconds