How to Hold a Football

Introduction: How to Hold a Football

In this instruct-able you will learn the basics of how to hold a football when running through a defensive line and out in open field without fumbling. 

Step 1: Get a Football

Step 2: Make a V or “bunny Ears” With Your Index Finger and Middle Finger on the Tip of the Football (first Point of Pressure)

Step 3: Place the Ball in Your Palm While Continuing With the V or “Bunny Ears” Technique (second Point of Pressure)

Step 4: Referring to the Second Point of Pressure Place the Ball on Your Forearm (third Point of Pressure)

Step 5: Continuing With the Third Point of Pressure Place the Remaining Tip of the Football on Your Bicep (fourth Point of Pressure)

Step 6: Now With the Ball Covered at Four Pressure Points Your Elbow Should Be Bent at a 45-90 Degrees

Step 7: There Will Be a Window (back Pocket Visible From Behind Your Arm) and to Get Rid of That Window Rotate Your Arm So That the Ball Is Placed on Your Chest (fifth Point of Pressure)

Step 8: Bend Your Elbow While Retaining to Have All the Points of Pressure and Eliminate the Back Window (sixth Point of Pressure)

Step 9: These Six Points of Pressure Are the Ideal Necessities for Holding a Football, and Once These Ideal Points Have Been Met a Rocking Motion With the Football in Correct Form Can Occur

Step 10: When Rocking Back and Forth With the Football the Back Window Should Remain Small and the Ball Should Be Held High and Tight

Step 11: When Running Through the Line an Additional Two Points of Pressure Should Be Present

Step 12: The Opposite Arm and Elbow Come Over the Top of the Football Covering Any Visible Areas

Step 13: The Bottom Half of the Football Shouldn’t Be Seen So to Eliminate That Place Your Bottom Arm Below the Football

Step 14: Your Arms Should Make a Sandwich If the Football Is Placed Correctly (like So)

Step 15: Finish Strong Coming Through the Line or Out in Open Field When Going to Be Tackled. Remember the Rocking Motion and Covering of the Ball When Going Down

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    9 years ago

    Thanks! Assuming I could catch the ball, this is a very clear, concise 'ible. Now- how best to catch??? :-)