How to Hunt Deer

Introduction: How to Hunt Deer

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So you want to hunt deer but have no idea or just the slightest bit of education on safety, or how to use a gun? Bear with me through this ible and a bit if research of the laws in your area and you'll be in a tree stand in no time.

Step 1: Safety

First things first; safety. Hunting is very dangerous let alone deer hunting. Always no matter what wear orange. Just the slightest bit of orange on your upper body and an orange hat to ensure that you will be seen by other hunters. Always wear a harness in a tree stand and be safe with your weapon. You are responsible for other people not just yourself. If you are not responsible enough to take the proper precautions DO NOT HUNT. That being said lets go!

Step 2: Choosing Your Weapon

There is basically three main weapons to choose from these include:

A centerfire rifle

A bow or crossbow

Or a shotgun

All of these weapons requires extreme safety that requires multiple classes and safety precautions. My weapon of choice is a pump action 30-.06 which is a rifle. I also use a 12 gauge shotgun. Both of these guns are well over capable of killing deer. It is your responsibility to get a good shot on the deer to kill it cleanly and quickly. I also use a bow during archery season.
(Pictured is a very old remington model 17 12 gauge)

Step 3: In the Woods

Ok so you have your gun, now you need to find a place to go. Nationwide there is plenty of state land open to deer hunting. Do some research in your area and find a suitable place. You can put up a tree stand or a ground blind or just find a natural place of concealment by a deer sign to sit and wait.

Step 4: Making the Shot

Ok so you're all ready sitting in your blind with your bow/gun of choice. When you see the deer there is two place your going to shoot it. No exceptions no screwing around with head shots or anything thats not a vital area. If you're hunting with a bow, crossbow, or shotgun your going to want to shoot the deer as close to 2 inches behind the shoulder as possible. If you cant make the shot, dont shoot. Period. If you have a rifle you can take a shot at the neck area of the deer. Just do what you think is best.

Step 5: You Shot Your Deer

Now that you've shot the deer dont try to find it right away. After you shot, the deer will either A: drop right away and die or B: run and bed down and die. That doesnt mean you made a bad shot its just that things dont die instantly like in the movies. You want to find out where you shot the deer so if you no you made a bad shot, ie; a gut shot, you want to wait probably a few hours dont even think about moving out of your spot till then. If you hit the deer in a vital spot, the rule of thumb is half an hour to 45 mins. I usually wait 45 to make sure. You dont want to kick it up again and have it run more making you chase it more and causing more pain to the animal.

Step 6: Conclusion

Now i know this isnt all but it should give you a pretty good idea of how to hunt deer.(or how its done)

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