How to Improve at School



Introduction: How to Improve at School

The new school year is starting soon (at least in my country), so I thought I would make this. The most common problem that the young generation faces today is inability to cope up with their schoolwork and hundreds of other appointments.This is also the problem that I faced.So I figured out some simple ways to arrange my life. Some irrelevant advice was sure to come from the numerous relatives that I have got,so I picked out the best along with my own to present it to you guys,seeing that my friends face the same problem.

Step 1: Getting Organized

The first and foremost thing to doing well in school is organizing yourself.The first step is to fix a time for study.

You should have a fixed time to study daily.Daily study and perseverance is the key to school success.About 45 minutes should be devoted to study for the first grade and fifteen minutes should be added for each grade. For example,a first grade student will study for about 45 minutes whereas a student of the fifth grade shall study for about  1 hour 45 minutes.

Step 2: Organize Your Study Place and Supplies

Your study place should consist of a desk and a chair and some essential study supplies.

The chair should be of the right height and should have a straight back so that you can study without hunching over. It is okay to lie around while reading a story book ,but for study you should sit up straight.The back should support your lower back so that long study periods at your chair do not get tiresome.

There should be ample lighting so that you do not strain your eyes. An overhead light is good enough but a table lamp over your shoulders is even better.

You should have a few basic supplies ready at your desk.Below is a list of  some basic supplies most students require-


You should also have some office supplies-

vi)Utility knife

Warning:-Utility knives should be handled with extreme care.

Step 3: Increase Your Knowledge

Over time,try to collect a small set of books.They can be anything-reference books to novels and even comic books . Reading more and more books is the only way to enhance your knowledge.

A dictionary and a thesaurus is a must for every student.

Step 4: Take Good Class Notes

Taking good class notes is a great way to learning all the facts and figures.And all it will take is a little time because you will make it yourself.

On a sheet of white paper, draw a line with a red pencil about two inches away from the left of the page.Do this on ten pages and keep it in your binder.

While in class,take notes about what the teacher says in the right hand column.In the left hand column,write the key words(do not worry about the language and the grammar.these notes are just for you).While revising the notes at home, read the notes and go through the key words. Ask your teacher about anything that is a mystery.

Step 5: The Rest Is Up to You!

It all depends on you. Are you going to procrastinate? Or are you going to pump yourself for the new school year? Post them below!

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