How to Improve Ventilation of Ikea Gulliver Cot Bed

Introduction: How to Improve Ventilation of Ikea Gulliver Cot Bed

This nice cot bed from Ikea is a best value for money bargain. But during the use, it proved to be very poor in ventilation of the mattress. So this is the way to improve the float of air through it.

Step 1: The Tools

Tools you need: - Power drill - circular tube drill - paper carton - marker - ruler

Step 2: Mark the Points

Make a stencil with the cardboard measuring by the ruler and dividing to have six holes equally distanced each from the other. This way you will have a professional result and not a randomly drilled panel. Also will make your task quicker.

Step 3: Start Drilling

Where you marked the points start drilling. First drill from the opposite side for a few millimeters without going all the way through. Then turn the other side and drill through. This way you will have a cleaner edged hole.

Step 4: Clean Up the Mess

Once you are done with drilling you have to clean the mess. Don't forget to wipe the saw dust from the board.

Step 5: Final Result

As you can understand it is a very easy job but this is a big improvement to the ventilation of the mattress and better health of your child.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great improvement in the ventilation on the underside of the mattress, and really simple to implement.

    The only possible concern I can see (which I'm writing mostly for other users of this project) is that the holes reduce the maximum weight which the fiberboard panel can support, compared to the unmodified panels. So long as that maximum is larger than ~3-5 times the weight of your child at their oldest in this bed, there shouldn't be a problem.

    The large "safety factor" I cite is because you need to think about the child jumping up and down on the mattress (dynamic load), not just resting in place (static load).


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    We bought a second cot bed for our second baby, and IKEA has changed the design of the bed by replacing the flat panel with a stretch net for better ventilation.

    Just to make an update to the thread...


    9 years ago

    Yes I think you have right. This would be better if you add some sticks in between the holes parallel to the factory ones. Where the fiberboard suffers the most. I will put this job on my next thing to do list. Thank you for your comments.