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Introduction: How to Install HID Conversion Kit

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Many newer cars nowadays come with HID headlights as standard or as an added option. HID headlights give you more visibility so it makes driving at night much safer. If your car doesn't come standard with HID headlights, you can always get an HID Conversion Kit from online marketplaces like Amazon to convert your headlights to HID. If you thought adding on HID headlights was extremely complicated, it's actually pretty straightforward if you follow the directions.

Step 1:

Open your vehicle's hood.

Step 2:

Open the back cap on the headlight assembly and take out the stock bulb. Do not touch the bulb's glass with your finger. You can wear gloves as protection.

Step 3:

Insert the xenon light into the headlight housing. You have to be gentle when removing the plastic cap and remember not to touch the bulb. If you did, you can always use rubbing alcohol to clean.

Step 4:

Insert the xenon bulb into the headlight.

Step 5:

Connect the HID bulb with the ballast and connect the HID ballast back to the stock socket.

Step 6:

Test the HID light to see if it lights up. If not, flip the adapter 180 degrees.

Step 7:

Test the HID light to see if it lights up. If not, flip the adapter 180 degrees.

Step 8:

With this HID Conversion Kit, your headlights' output will be much brighter and you'll get a clean, crisp look. There is no heavy modification involved so converting to HID is a great upgrade, even for beginners.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Did you just copy this from ?


    4 years ago

    how do you blind someone if you only fit high beam?


    4 years ago

    Sorry but the information in this instructable is incorrect and illegal. HIDs require special optics to properly aim and control the light from an HID bulb. When you swap out bulbs for HIDs you are changing the way the light is projected and put others at risk of being blinded. The ONLY correct way to install HIDs or LEDs on a vehicle not originally equipped is a retrofit. This requires you to take the headlights apart and install an HID specific projector to properly control the light. Otherwise you are blinding other motorists and causing a hazardous situation.