Introduction: How to Jailbreak IOS 7.x

Have you been wanting to jailbreak your iphone running ios 7? Well today is your lucky day!!

Step 1: WARNING!!!

~Jailbreaking will get rid of your warranty and insurance if you have it.
~If you do some of the steps wrong you could end up bricking your phone (it will not work anymore)(this is rare)
~I am not liable for anything that you may get in trouble for after you jailbreak or bricking your phone

Step 2: Remove Passcode From Your Device

~This is essential, If you do not do this the jailbreak will not work

Step 3: Go to

~Select either windows or mac depending on which you are running and then download.

Step 4: Extract the Downloaded File Then Run Evasi0n.exe

~Make sure to extract and not run evasi0n.exe from the zip folder
~Make sure to run as administrator

Step 5: Connect IDevice to Computer and Click Jailbreak

~Make sure it is fully connected
~Make sure iTunes is not running

Step 6: Follow Further Instructions Shown on Computer

Step 7: ENJOY!!!! :):):):)