Introduction: How to Keep a Fishing Log

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If you want to greatly increase your success when fishing keeping a fishing log is very important. Anglers use fishing logs to go back and track previous catches, baits used, weather patterns and more to help learn patterns for fish, good seasonal baits and techniques and more to increase their success.

There are many different ways to go about keeping a fishing log and some "old school" anglers prefer to keep paper based fishing logs which will certainly work but some more "tech savvy" fishermen are using electronic methods like blogs and microblogs to keep their fishing logs online.

No matter what you do, keeping a fishing log is essential to increase your fishing success. As a professional catfish guide I rely heavily on fishing logs and past experiences to point me in the right direction when catching fish.

In this video we walk you through a template for keeping a paper based fishing log and also cover a simple and free way to keep an online fishing log as well.