Introduction: How to Lace Your Formal Shoes!

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Formal shoes are perennially stylish and can make a statement with little or no effort at all! But if you’ve been staying away from them only because you can’t seem to get it right when it comes to tying the shoelaces, our short video shows how to ace the art in a jiffy!
We understand how tying shoe laces can be a harrowing experience, if you are running short of time and just can’t seem to get to tie the laces of your shoe correctly. But now that you are on the right page, you can bid adieu to such worries.

For starters, do you have several Oxford shoes and sneakers that have been abandoned and are confined to your shoe rack? If yes, the first thing you need to do is pull them out as you watch this video that intends to teach you to tie shoe laces like a pro!

To begin with, pull the laces in an upright manner and then make a tying knot with the laces. Now pierce the laces through the holes in a diagonal manner aka in a zig zag fashion.

In simpler terms, take the right lace and pierce it into the left hole of your shoe, and vice versa. Take one step at a time by lay the lace over the shoes and cross the other lace over the first one.

Now follow it up by tucking the top lace under and around the bottom. Continue by making a loop by using your right or left hand to make a loop with the second lace. Continue with it until a zig zag pattern is formed Make a bow to finish and voila, you’re done!

Whenever you have a few minutes to spare, pull out an Oxford or converse and practice. Because, as they say, practice makes perfect. Shoelace tying is more of a trick than a skill, which gets perfected over time and practice, of course. Now that we have unveiled the ABC’s of getting it right when it comes to trying shoelaces, this should be that hard a task.

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