Introduction: How to Load Film Into a 35mm Camera

This provides information on loading film and adjusting the main settings on a 35mm camera. 

Step 1:

Locate the Rewind Knob, on the left side of the camera, and pull up until the back of the camera opens.

Step 2:

Cut a Leader for your film to load into the Take-Up Spool. The leader must be approximately 22mm to fit into spool.

Step 3:

Place the film into the left side of the camera. Push the Rewind Knob down to create a snug fit on the film after it is placed into the pocket.

Step 4:

Pull the leader of film over to the Take-Up Spool. Insert the narrow end of the film leader into the slot. Hold the spool steady with one hand and push the film deep inside until film is way inside spool or comes out the other side.

Step 5:

Make sure the teeth are properly placed on both sides of the film. Use the rewind knob to take in any slack in the film, tighten the film to the camera. Then close the back of the camera and use the film advance to wind the film.

Step 6:

Take 3 pictures. If the film has been loaded properly the rewind knob will turn ever time you crank the film advance lever. If not, make sure the slack has been taken out of the film by retightening the film to the camera. Make sure you take at least 2 pictures to clear out the exposed film and start with fresh film. Once you see the number 1 in the window, you are ready to take pictures.

Step 7:

Now its time to set your ISO Film Speed. To set film speed, gently lift up the ISO speed ring and turn it to your desired ISO speed shown in the window. (this should rotate the numbers on the INSIDE window on the ring)

Step 8:

To set Shutter Speed, rotate the shutter speed ring to desired shutter speed. The shutter controls the length of exposure, on this camera, the higher the number, the less the exposure time. (this should rotate the numbers on the OUTSIDE of the ring)

Step 9:

To set the aperture, turn the aperture ring to desired aperture. The larger the aperture number, the smaller the aperture opening will be and less the light will be transmitted to the film. (the dial closest to the camera)

Step 10:

This camera has a built in meter. When you press the shutter release button down about one third of the way, you will activate the meter. While the meter is activated, rotate the shutter speed dial or the aperture ring until only the green o LED is lit. when you see the red + LED light, this means your subject is too bright. To fix this, change to a higher shutter speed or aperture. When you see the red – LED light, this means your subject is too dark. Change to a lower shutter speed or aperture. The goal is to achieve the green o LED light for best results.

Step 11:

To set a timer, push down on the self-timer lever until it stops. When you are ready to take the photo, push the shutter release button completely to activate the timer. The photo will be taken in 10 seconds. (the length of the timer could depend on the make and model of the camera)

Step 12:

Once you have completed the roll of film, you must rewind it back into the canister. To rewind your film, press the film release button on the bottom of the camera. Fold out the film rewind crank and turn it in the direction of the arrow until you feel no more tension on the knob.

Step 13:

Pull up on the film rewind knob until the back cover of the camera opens. The film should be rolled back inside the film canister and it is now ready to be developed.