Introduction: How To: Lyric Video Using IMovie

Now a days people have a large interest in singing the songs on the radio, and a lot of people like to memorize lyrics to sing them efficiently. I find that lyric videos can be a great release for the people who like video editing, and it is also a great way for people to learn lyrics quickly. I make lyric videos when I am bored and post them on my schools webpage. A lot of people actually enjoy them so i decided to pass the knowledge of how to do it onto the public. With these steps I am confident that you, with practice, will be able to make a lyric video to share with friends in no time!

Step 1: Starting a New Movie

To start your lyric video, Open iMovie and hit New Project, and then select movie. After doing this continue to step 2

Step 2: Selecting a Song

When making lyric videos you obviously have to have a song for people to sing along to. This is where your creative responsibility comes in, pick one of your favorite songs on the radio and download it using a youtube to mp4 website and open it in iMovie. You can find the Audio under the 2nd tab for movie making.

Step 3: Starting Your Titles

In order to make the lyrics show on the screen you must have the titles page open. Once you do you can start adding titles by dragging them down and typing in lyrics. After that is completed you can start synching to the audio.

Step 4: Synching Lyrics to Audio

When making your lyric videos you want the words to be synched to the audio, in order to do this you need to drag the titles onto the point where the words start, and use your mouse to grab the edge of the purple bar and extend it until you are at the exact time where the words stop. I like to take segments of lyrics from songs and chop them up, place the title where the artist starts the segment, and pause when I feel the segment is long enough, and then extend the purple bar until it is long enough to finish the segment.

Step 5: Rendering Your Video

When you have completed the lyric video, click the upper right button the has a box with an arrow pointing up, also known as the "Export" button, and save the new video as a file, render it at 720p and High quality and a Fast Compress and you will have a video that will export into your files. After all is said and done your video should look something like this!