How to Make a Balloon Like Its Floating With Helium Inside

Introduction: How to Make a Balloon Like Its Floating With Helium Inside

I got the idea after trying rub a balloon against my hair on the top and sticking it on the ceiling. This instructable is perfect for people who don't like buying any helium tanks.

Step 1: Materials Needed

You'll need ribbon, scissors, and some balloons any color or even printed if you so desire wish to use

Step 2: Blow Up a Balloon Using Your Mouth or a Pump

Grab your first balloon. Before you inflate it stretch it out in all directions. Now inflate your balloon to any size you wish

Step 3: After Filling Your Balloon Tie It Off

Step 4: Pick Your Ribbon

Step 5: Tie the Ribbon on the Balloon

Put the curl it if you so desire wish.

Step 6: Rub It Against Your Hair Till Static Electricity Starts to Happen

Step 7: Stick It to the Ceiling

Step 8: Repeat the Same Steps for Each Balloon

Soon you could have a full room of balloons

Step 9: Try Different Ways of Tubing the Balloons Against Your Hair

Step 10: Try a Balloon Bouquet

They won't stay on the ceiling for long. This is where the tape comes in handy

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    What's the point or rubbing it on your head, if your going to need the tape anyway?


    Biggest let down ever for a child's birthday party scenario. Their reactions would be priceless.


    7 years ago

    haha love it