Introduction: How to Make a Bed for Your Pet Zombie

Step 1: Get a Box

You can use a shoebox or a plastic storage box. I used a plastic box i found.

Step 2: Make a Bed

You need a piece of felt to make a sleeping bag or you can make a bed from a smaller box.
Use a napkin for a pillow or if you can sew you can make one from fleece or felt. Stuff the bed and pillow with cotton.

Step 3: Make a Name Tag

You need to name your zombie first. Then write the name on an index card or small sheet of paper and tape it to your box.

Step 4: Add Some Other Decorations

You can also add whatever else you want. You can make a bedside table and a lamp or a water bottle like from the pet store. Maybe you want to make a computer desk or a TV. Make an xbox or wii out of cardboard and give him a tiny iPhone. You can even make other rooms to give him a whole house!