How to Make a Bicycle Rack, Frugally




Introduction: How to Make a Bicycle Rack, Frugally

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I don't transport my bicycle very often, but a while back wanted to take a trip and take the bike.  Just laying it in the truck bed was not an option for several reasons, so looked around to buy a transport rack.  However, the prices being charged were pretty steep, I thought, and besides, I am Cman!  Create my own bike rack!  So I looked around, thought up a design, and proceeded to cobble some parts I had to make the transport rack.  Hence this instructable.  As you can see by the pictures, I used a lot of old lumber I had, and didn't have to spend anything on wood.  I bought one piece of 10ft. 1/2 electrical conduit to use as braces for two of the uprights.  Later on, I would use some of these same parts for a bike stand*******. I even had some hinges on hand that I had never used, and did need to buy some bolts of the correct sizes to put it all together with.  Finally, I did paint it red, but that is entirely optional.  The rack is very stable in the back of the truck, and I found a hole in the bed where I could bolt it to the metal. When going on a trip, it's easy enough to put a lockable cable on the bike and rack to prevent theft.  Dimensions are purposely not given as every bicycle and truck bed will have minor variations (or even major ones). If esthetics or looks are important, the rack could be made with new wood, and finished with the treatment of your choice.*******

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Good work. I must do a bicycle rack for my car's trunk. I suppose will need some meters of sturdy ribbon, some hooks and some tubes. I will do an instructable wen be done.