How to Make a Bootable Kali Linux USB With Persistence




Introduction: How to Make a Bootable Kali Linux USB With Persistence

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How to make a bootable Kali Linux 2.0 USB with persistence. Persistence means that all the data changes that take place while you are using the system, they will be saved on the usb / pendrive that you Linux is in.

Reasons for using Live USB with Persistence are:

· You use all of your system resources eg. CPU, RAM, GPU, etc

·You take no space of your Hard Drive for it.

· You can take your OS to any PC you use.


1. Universal USB Installer :

2. Kali Linux Image :

3. MiniTool Partition Wizard :

Step 1: Watch the Video on How to Make the Persistence USB or Follow the Steps

Step 2: Steps on How to Do It

Watch A Video On How To Make It

1. You Need To Use The Universal USB Installer To Put Kali On The USB.

2. You Need To Partition The USB, to create the partition for the data storage.

Pick this options:
· Create as: Primary · File System: Ext4 · Partition Label: persistence.

3. You Need To Boot Into Kali Linux and execute these commands in the terminal


1. fdisk -l -To List Your Drives

2. mkdir -p /mnt/UUI -Make a directory on the filesystem to mount your USB

3. mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt/UUI -Mount the partition on the directory you made

4. echo "/ union"> /mnt/UUI/persistence.conf - Adds a configuration file to enable persistence.

5. umount /dev/sdb2 && reboot Unmount the partition and reboot.

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    6 years ago

    Great tutorial. thanks! Q: whats the difference between ext3 and ext4? Also now Ive got the persistence folder but my configuration doesnt save. Am I doing something wrong?


    6 years ago

    Great tutorial! One question, what do I boot into the next time I startup? Keep booting into Live Persistent mode from the boot screen of Kali? Thanks


    7 years ago

    Thanks for the great tutorial!