How to Make a Cheap Fish Trap




Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Fish Trap

Step 1: Materials:

One plastic water bottle ( a liter bootle works best) Reusable zip ties Scissors or knife Rocks Bait

Step 2: Cut the Bottle

Cut the bottle where it stops tapering

Step 3: Make the Traps Structure

Put the top of the bottle back in the bottom backwards.

Step 4: Poking Holes for the Zip Ties

Hold the bottle in the same place and use the end of your scissors or knife to poke a hole threw both layers.

Step 5: Put the Zip Tues in

Pull the zip ties as tight as you can. don't cut or shorten them.

Step 6: Fish

Put rocks and bait in. the rocks will help it sink. put the trap in areas of the small fish you want to catch

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Actually it will work very well with one modification…take another bottle and cut the top off that bottle, cut the end off of this bottle and place the top in backwards like the first modification. Secure both tops, add cracker crumbs or other bait and place it in line with water current. We used a glass trap shaped the same way years ago to trap minnows to use as live bait to catch predator fish. Quick and easy fish trap for an emergency survival situation.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry mate... did you try it?

    There is a reason why real fish traps are made with nets and not closed surface...
    I'm afraid it can't work for fish in water.
    Anyway with some modifications it might work for small mice.