Introduction: How to Make a Cheap Orange Candle in Under 10 Minutes

You Will Need:
1. An Orange
2. A Knife
3. Olive Oil (Any Kind)
4. A Lighter Or A Match (Or Anything That Can Light A Fire)

Step 1: Cut the Orange in Half

Carefully Cut The Orange In 2 Pieces, Each With Its Own Stem.

Step 2: With the Orange Cut in Half, Scoop Out the LeftOvers.

This May Be Hard For Some People. Make Sure To NOT Cut The Stem! Just Carve Out The Orange So You Only Have The Stem And The Peel Left.

Step 3: Take Out the Leftover Parts of the Orange With Your Fingers.

Make Sure The Orange Is Empty, And As Dry As Possible.

Step 4: Pour the Olive Oil in the Orange Untill It Fills Half the Orange.

Make Sure To Get Some Olive Oil On The Stem. Any Olive Oil Will Do.

Step 5: Light the Steam on Fire With a Lighter or a Match.

This May Take Up To 60 Seconds, Be Patient.

Step 6: Enjoy the Bright, Citrus Smelling Flame.

Make Sure To Pay Attention To It Though, It IS A Fire.