Introduction: How to Make a Sealed Container Out of a Soda Cup and Bottle

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You can make a sealed container from a disposable soda cup and a soda bottle. These small containers are stackable and good for holding small parts like nails, craft supplies, snacks or many other uses.

I got tired of knocking my brush cleaning bottle over, soaking everything when the water spilled. Repurposing a plastic soda bottle and a plastic soda cup I made a nifty art brush cleaning bottle with a snug fitting lid.

The lid can also be a small container to use for small parts, glue or paint.

Step 1: Materials Needed

A 16 oz plastic soda bottle.
A 32 oz plastic soda cup.
Sharp craft scissors.

Be careful when using sharp scissors.

Children may need to be supervised when making this project.

Step 2: Prepare the Cup and Bottle

Rinse and dry the cup and the bottle. Remove the label from the soda bottle.

Prepare your work surface by covering it with newspaper.

Step 3: Cut the Bottle and the Cup

Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut the soda bottle just above the lines, approximately 3 1/2 inches from the bottom. Cut just above the indent on the bottle. I used both a Coca Cola bottle and a Dr Pepper bottle. Other bottles may work as well.

Cut the soda cup above the line leaving a lip of about 1/4 inch.

Step 4: Put the Cup in the Bottle

The cup becomes the bottles lid, it should fit snuggly into the top of the soda bottle.

The lid is a great place to put things like nuts, bolts, nails, beads, buttons,  glue or paint.

The bottle can be used as a storage container for many supplies or for water or other cleaning liquid for brushes. if you cut a notch in the lid, it can be a place to hold a brush with paint or glue on it.

When you are finished, snap the lid into place and the container has a snug top. These containers are stackable and you can see the contents.