Introduction: How to Make a Cyber Respirator Cheaply

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This Is For Anyone who can't afford to buy cyber respirators because they are just too darn expensive!

what you will need:
a black respirator, easily found on ebay for £3-£6
craft foam in you selected colour
thin tip black permanent marker
a design to go on the respirator

Step 1: Unscrew the Cartridges

unscrew the cartridge on each side like on the picture

Step 2: Cut Foam and Draw Design

draw around the part that was screw off and draw chosen design on, then cut out

Step 3: Put It All Together

put the foam piece in the cartridge part and screw back together

Step 4: Glue Spikes on If You Wish,

i havent glued spikes on :) 
or you a drill a hole where u want the spikes and screw them in :)

Step 5: And Enjoy!!