How to Make a Dart Shooter




Introduction: How to Make a Dart Shooter

Step 1: Meterials

1/2 PVC pipe duct tape nail tooth pick and scissors

Step 2: The Dart

Get a pice of duct tape leave the sticky part down and fold it like this but leave a pice sticking out then fold it to make a cone

Step 3: The Dart Part 2

Then get another pice of tape around the same size and wrap it around the cone it will look like this

Step 4:

Then get your tooth pick (or nail) and poke it through and with another pice of tape. tape the toothpick to the cone so the tooth pick won't move

Step 5:

Now put the cone in the PVC pipe to get the size for dart then cut it it may have a pice sticking out cut it and your done don't soot a t any one

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