Introduction: How to Make a Dressy Hoodie (aka Thug-Xedo)

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Combine a plain black hoodie and an old dress shirt to make a dressy hoodie that you can wear to da' club. You can wear your new Thug-Xedo out to dinner with your shorty, w/ your boys playing hella wii, or while kicking back on the couch eating fruit roll ups and watching the Office all by yourself. It's the perfect attire for every occasion.

By Evan and Michele.

Step 1: Supplies

- Scissors
- Needle
- Thread
- Black Hooded Sweatshirt

For the sweatshirt I used a Champion Super Hood because it has a ridiculously large hood and conveys a generally shitty attitude.

Step 2: Raid Your Closet

Grab an old work shirt from the closet. You won't be needing this anymore where we're going.

Step 3: Cut Out Fabric

Cut out the back section, which is the largest piece of fabric, and lay it flat.

Step 4: Size Fabric to Hood

Turn the entire sweatshirt inside out and lay it flat on it's side. Cut your fabric to match the size of the interior of the hood. In my case the shirt wasn't large enough to cover the whole inside of the hood in one piece so I had to cut it in half and do it in two sections. This ended up working out fine since there was already a natural seem in the top of the hood.

Step 5: Fold & Iron Edges

After you have everything sized up and cut to the right shape fold over all of the edges a 1/4" - 1/2" and iron.

Step 6: Sew It Up

This is the first time I've ever sewed anything, so I won't front like I know what I'm doing here. As long as it stays in place and the stitches don't show up on the other side I'm happy. I started my lining 1" back from the edge along a natural seam in the hoodie

If you need more information on how to sew you should look to another instructables page of someone who knows what they are doing. It took me about 2-3 hours to sew up both pieces of fabric on the inside of the hood, and another hour for the lining on the pouch (see step 8). All in all even for a beginner it was very easy and could be completed while watching Boyz 'N Da Hood.

Step 7: Repeat for Second Half

Ok, the first half of the hood lining is in place, now just do it again on the other side fool.

Step 8: Line the Pouch

Ok, the hood is done, lets move onto the pouch. First pull the hoodie so that it is right side out. Then pull the pouch of the hoodie inside out and line this with the left over fabric from the shirt. On my particular shirt this required me to cut a pocket off.

Step 9: Your Done

Flip it all back right side in and sport your new Thug-Xedo.

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