Introduction: How to Make a Engraved Stone Pendant.

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Hmm. this is my first Instructable. It feels weird to do it. anyways.. ill show YOU how to make an engraved stone pendant thiingy ( sorry about the bad quality. PHONE CAM.. Peice of SH*T)

Step 1: Matereels

-Turquoise(or any rock but it looks fairly cool on turquoise)
-Dremel. (If it has a extension like mine, it works way better for precise cuts)
-Gold, silver or Any metallic spray paint...
-Some sort of eye and nose protection. (pulling the shirt over your nose works fine.
-Hot glue gun+ Hot glue (no shit right?)
+ Time... lots of time.

Step 2: Preppin Tha Stone...

To prep the stone, First coat the back of the stone with hot glue(to prevent chipping) if you are working with a really hard stone this step is unnecessary.

Step 3: CUTTING!!! WEEE... Ok Enough.

Take a small cutting bit for the dremel, i use a ball one, and start engraving a design into the stone. this takes time. Caution: if you engrave very deep into the stone, you run the risk of making it very susceptible to shattering due to pressure or impact. This i learned with my first turquoise stone.

Step 4: Paint.

When you finish cutting, spray down yer rock wit some metallic paint, and wait for it to dry.

Step 5: Now Take It OFF!!

Take some 80 to 120 grit sand paper and sand the paint off, leaving it in all the little crevices. this gives it some contrast, makin it pertay. This step is optional.

Step 6: Mount It.

Take some wire and wrap it around the stone, or drill a hole in it, whatever. I dont recommend drilling a hole, because it may shatter your precious artwork... hmm.

Step 7: Put It on a Chain...

Pretty self explanatory, isn't it?