Introduction: How to Make a Fishing Pole

A homemade fishing pole is a light fishing pole made out of a bamboo, a nylon, a hook and more. It is not hard to do the homemade fishing pole but it is a bit dangerous. There are only 5 easy steps to make it. The process is tiring but the product would be worthless. This is used for fishing if you don't have a budget. You can make it easily and it really works.

Step 1: Materials

The materials are not that hard to look for. You can find these materials in a mall. If you have $5 you can make this. It is not a waste of money and it is a hundred percent effective.

These are the materials:

1.Light Bamboo




1.Floater (any size)

2.Sinker (anything heavy)

Step 2: Bamboo

First, smoothen the bamboo that you have. To smoothen it put the knife in the tip then slide it down, do that all over again until the bamboo is becomes smooth. Use anything sharp to smoothen it but do extra careful when using it. You will need to smoothen it because there may be sharp parts that could harm you.

Step 3: Line Making

Next, make a line around the bamboo. Just simply carve a small line first. Follow the same thing all over again around the bamboo. Your line should be 3 to 5mm. This helps the grip of the fishing line to the bamboo.

Step 4: Putting the Hook

Then, tie the fishing line around the hook. You can choose between a clip connector or the direct tie. You could also buy the tied hook and just attach it to the clip connector. Make sure you will tie it properly. Be careful while tying the hook because it might harm you.

Step 5: Floater and Sinker

These are the optional things. After, tie the fishing float and the sinker. Just attach the sinker to the clip connector. For the fishing float just tie the floater to the nylon.

Step 6: Last

Those were the easy steps to make the fishing pole. I am sure the finished product will work. It would take a long time for it to get broken.