Introduction: Choose Your Cache

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Geocaches can range in size and shape and that effects the difficulty of the cache. The picture is an example and the one I will be using.

Supplies(optional ones marked by a * ):

-Container(use one that will be suitable for its environment)

-log book


-paint or something used to camouflaged container*

-nic-nacs to trade with*

Make sure that if you live somewhere rainy it is water proof! You can also camouflage the cache like I did. You will need a log book but a pencil or pen isn't necessary but make sure you let the other cachers know they might need one.

Step 1: Hiding Your Geocache

This is always my favorite step. I recommend using a smartphone. For this instructable I will be using an iPhone. The two apps in the picture are just recommended but I will be using an iPhone in this instructable. First go to the website and make sure the area you want to go to is available. Then go down to where you chose to place it and go hide it! In the photos you will see where I hid it and a screen shot of the app I used to find the the coordinates. After hiding it go to the website and finish publishing it. Make sure to keep up on your geocache and if you would like to find the geocache used in this instructable here is a link: . Don't forget to have fun!

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