How to Make a Giant Poster Card

Introduction: How to Make a Giant Poster Card

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Making a small card can be really boring lol so make a big one follow these steps and I will show you how!

Step 1: Things You'll Need

- 3 poster boards or 1
- Scissors
- Glue sticks
- Poster markers or regular sharpies
- Pencil
- Any decorations that you would like on your card

Step 2: Let's Start Making the Card

Start by folding 1 of your poster boards like a card

Step 3: Writing

With your pencil lightly write what you want on the front, the inside, and if you want the back of the card.

Step 4: Decorations

With your decorations you can cut out little drawings and stuff or any decorations you want

Step 5: Glueing

Glue down your decorations in the place you want them to be in

Step 6: Writing

With the markers trace over the pencil to make it more colorful

Step 7: Making the Envelope

This part is optional!

With the other 2 poster boards tape them together horizontally fold it like a birthday card envelope and make sure you glue down all the sides except the opening so you can put the card in it

Step 8: Final Step

Place your card in the envelope and seal with more tape or glue

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    7 years ago

    this is a really cool creative idea, i was wondering what the size of the paper is and where could i get it from