Introduction: How to Make a Go-Kart

Have you ever wanted to make a Go-Kart- but don't know how? Well this is for you! A easy to make Go-Kart that is fully functional for your needs. And its pretty inexpensive, especially if you have spare parts lying around.


Step 1: Gather Materials

This project cost roughly 120$. However, expenses can be saved on areas like wood and tires.
You will need:
- 5/8 inch rod (2)
-Tires with bearing that fit a 5/8 inch rod (4)
- 90 degree PVC pipe connector (2)
- Long piece of PVC pipe (2)-(size varies on preference and placement of chair)
- Short piece of PVC pipe
- Gorilla or Wood Glue
- Plastic chair
- 3 foot slab of wood (2)
- 6 foot slab of wood
- Good amount of zipties
- 5/8 inch nuts and washers (Good amount)
- 4 bolts and washers and nuts that fit them (Good amount)
- Preferred color of spray paint
- Half foot long PVC Pipe (3)
- Access to Wood cutter, Plastic Cutter, Power Drill
- 2 More bolts of any size, but make sure you have a drill bit for the size


Step 2: Assemble the Body

Take the 3 foot pieces of wood and drill holes in them like shown above. Make sure the drill bit you use is the same size of your bolts. Three in a triangle orientation and one on the other one. The idea is that the back should stay put and the front should spin. Then, spray paint them to your preferred color. Now, drill similar pattern holes on both ends of the 6 foot piece of wood, and spray paint it. The 3 foot pieces of wood should fit with a bolt on to the longer piece of wood in a T formation, so make sure they are lined up

Step 3: Assemble the Body Part 2

Now, line up the holes of the 3 foot pieces of wood and the 6 foot. Make sure when the bolt is put through there, everything fits. Then cut off 4 inches off of each side of the 3 foot pieces of wood. Keep these aside, they will be used later. Put two washers between each bolt and the wood, and one washer on the other side. Use two nuts to tighten off every bolt. The pictures above show the process.

Step 4: Exhaust Pipe

Tape 3 pieces of PVC pipe together, then spray paint it black and gorilla glue it on to the back (the side with three bolts). This is just for coolness

Step 5: Wheels

Take the 5/8 inch rod and spray paint it then ziptie it on the back of the Kart on each end. Next, take one of the 4 inch pieces of wood that you cut off, and cut 8 tiny rectangles out of it. These will go in front and behind each rod, 2 for the left and 3 for the right. The picture explains it better. Gorilla glue them on. Then, simply put a nut on each side of each rod, put the 4 tires, and put another nut on each end of the tire, but make sure the nuts aren't too tight. Make sure to clamp the pieces of wood on.

Step 6: Handles

Using another one of the 4 inch pieces of wood you cut off, gorilla glue it to the back of the kart, about three-quarters way through, and clamp it. Then take the short PVC pipe and use the connectors and the long pieces of PVC pipe to make an upside-down U. Place the short PVC pipe on the block so that the long ends reach the back of the GO Kart, then gorilla glue and clamp each end to make a secure connection. In the third picture where we are placing the PVC pipe on the block, ignore the metal clamp, just superglue it.

**NOTE**: You may need to cut the long end of the PVC pipe to make the perfect size. Make sure you glue it to the back it, NOT THE FRONT END.

Step 7: Steering

We use a foot pedal system. Take the last two 4 inch blocks that you cut off, and spray paint them the color of your choice Cut them at a slanted 90 degree angle. The diagram helps you understand this. Then place them on the wood, and gorilla glue and clamp each one.

Step 8: Seat and Finishing Touches

Take the plastic chair and cut the legs off. Then, drill straight through two parts of the chair, to secure it. Put in bolts. Gorilla glue anything that's loose.


Take it out for a test ride. Make it your own. Think of any improvements like a roof, or brakes. ENJOY YOUR RIDE!