Introduction: How to Make a Halo Spartan Helmet

*WARNING* this is not fit for construction and is not meant to take a lot of damage. and i am not liable for any injuries that occur.

I apologize for skipping the first step, but basically all it is is making it out of cardboard. So, here it is...

Step 1: Fiberglassing

Just fiberglass it, I can't explain it that well, so look up other i'bles about fiberglassing

Step 2: Bondoing

First bondo. It's not going to be perfect so don't freak out about it. Sand down to how you want it to look; the first layer is mainly hole filling, then do another this one dosn't have to be perfectly smooth just get the high/rough spots out, then do another one or another couple layers depending on how solid you want it to be these ones have to be alot smoother than the last coat(s).

Step 3: Painting

I did three layers of paining, this one is on my first two layers. I did a layer of silver, then a layer of black, and I wiped away the wet black paint with paper towels so it looked like scratch marks. And sorry for the quality, I took a picture of a picture I had taken with my phone.

Step 4: Painting 2

My third layer I had done the details & splattered blue paint (the blood of my fallen covenant enamys)

Step 5: Details

This is a big part (believe it or not) to almost anything you do. (The details will be shown in the next steps)

Step 6: Plasma Burn

When I was on the field I was solo fighting a hunter, he shot a plasma round right at my head! I got out JUST in time...

This is my favorite detail on the whole helmet

Step 7: Blood

After hundreds of years fighting covenant you just stop cleaning the blood off

Step 8: Crosshairs on Forehead

Go ahead and TRY

Step 9:

Step 10: 'X'

Just because

Step 11: Gold Stripe

Natural born leader

Step 12: Spartan Number

The legendary spartan 102

Step 13: Teece

Teeth that are part of my symbol

Step 14: Thank You ^~^

Thank you for checking out my instructable! And thank you everyone who is following me

Step 15: Edit

I know you all already saw this but I'm entering it in a contest

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