Introduction: How to Make a Kawaii Banana

Step 1: Get Things You Need

Felt colours - Yellow and a cream colour.

Paper for the template.

Thread colours - Yellow , cream and black

Scissors (make sure there shape so can cut felt)

Step 2: Cut the Template

Make a leaf shape then cut it out . This with make the shape of the banana perfect.

Step 3: Cut the Felt

Start with the cream colour. Trace around the paper to make that shape on the felt

Step 4: Repeat

Cut the same shape out so when finished cutting you should have 2 cream colour and 3 yellow

Step 5: Sew

First sew the to cream coloured ones together till half way.

Step 6: Make the Face

Turn it over so the sitching is facning up. Then on the top make the face(like the picture)

Step 7: Then Stuff

Stuff the banana then see it closed

Step 8: The Peel

Just sew the all the pieces together half way like you picture!

Step 9: Finishing

Put the banana in the peel and you done