How to Make a Letter U Out of PVC Pipe

Introduction: How to Make a Letter U Out of PVC Pipe

Do you need a letter U? Well know you can build your own with this easy step by step inscrutable.

Step 1: Materials

PVC pipe cutter
18" of PVC Pipe
4X 45 degree elbows.

Step 2: The Lines

Mark on the 18" Pipe 2" then 2" then 4" then 5", then 5" with sharpie using a ruler.

Step 3: Cut the PVC Pipe

Using the PVC pipe cutters, cut the PVC pipe on each line you created.

Step 4: Insert Time

Take one of 5 inch pipe an insert it into one of the 45 degree angles. Then take one of the 2" pipe and insert it into the other end of the 45 degree connector. Repeat this by taking the 45 degree elbow and sticking it into the other side of the 2" Pipe. Then connect the 4" pipe to the end of that connector. Again, take another 45 degree elbow and connect it to the 4" pipe, and connect the 2" pipe to the other end of the elbow. While connecting make sure it is forming a U shape. Lastly, Connect the last elbow to the 2" Pipe and connect the last 5" pipe to the last elbow. Congrats now you have a U shape!

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