How to Make a Minecraft Fighter Jet

Introduction: How to Make a Minecraft Fighter Jet

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Step 1: Body

The body has a lot of pics just look at them then you will have your own body for it and then you can go on to step 2.

So starting off with the 1 blocks expand it like in the picture.
Then make the front of it like in the picture.
Make the back 3 blocks high like in the picture.
Add the rockets (put the blue wool there!)like in the picture.
Then make the roof (Add the glass!)like in the picture.
Then fill in the walls for step 2 like in the picture.

Step 2: Inside and Rocket

This step is very short so just look at the pictures and read this and go to step 3.

(Start making the place where you put the rocket.)
Now make the place where the rocket is going (it can be your decision where to put it.) then get stone bricks(they are the slabs) and put full 3 blocks like in the picture.
Put 2 TNT blocks like in the picture.
Put 1 stone block like in the picture.
Then put cobwebs like in the picture.
(Remember to remove the wool!)


Start off with 1 blocks then cover the whole airplane!
And go less and less till you get down back to 1 block.
Mirror the other side(sometimes you get messed up!)

Step 4: Bad Guys Go Bye Bye With the Jet in Your World!

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    7 years ago

    Nice job man don't listen to the jerks critiscizing, u gave me support I give u support


    7 years ago

    Now I'm not being judgemental or insulting but... Why do people keep posting this? The designs they post are simple. Just easy simple things that anyone can build without thinking. If people are going to post pictures about this game and their creations actually make them interesting. Now most will probably see this and say stop criticizing but these types of posts are just clutter in my view. Post something like an Egyptian temple with resettable traps or a maze that changes whilst you are in it (made both). Just my two cents, sorry to the creator, this is not aimed specifically at you.



    Reply 7 years ago

    Being an avid Minecraft player myself, I agree. No criticism meant, it's just that these simple posts are a little spammy :)