Introduction: How to Make a Minecraft Restaurant

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Sorry I Haven't Posted An Indestructable In Ages It's School Tests And Work Oh I Mean Piles Of Work! So Here Is My Indestructable Hope You Like It!

Step 1: Base

Step 1:Start By Diging A 15x10 Base For Your Restaurant
Step 2:Now Fill Your Hole With Some Oak Wood
Step 3: Add Some Tiles Made Out Of Black And White Wool
It Will Turn Out Like That!

Step 2: Walls

Step 1: Add Some Cobblestone Only Going One Block High
Step 2: Add Some Wood That Is Going Three Blocks High

That's What It Should Turn Out Like

Step 3: Roof

Step 1:Now Get Some Stone Slab And Outline The Roof Like In The Picture
Step 2: Fill In The Roof And It Should Look Like In The Picture

And That's What It Will Turn Out Like

Step 4: Have Fun Making However You Want Your Restaurant to Be Like!

This Is What My Restaurant Turned Out Like
P.S It's A Fast Food Restaurant!